Puerto Padre.- Starting this Thursday, Guillermo Domínguez Hospital in Puerto Padre will gradually restart its general services and begin with psychiatric care, after more than a month in the treatment of patients affected by Acute Respiratory Infections and their reconditioning to assist positive to Covid 19.

Las Tunas did not need to have the second most important hospital facility in the province to attend those infected with Covid 19, because the territory has only registered 17 cases, which have been treated at the Fermín Valdés Domínguez Military Hospital in Holguín.

Dr. Maikel Fernández López, Director of the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital, told Tiempo21 that during these first days of the current week, disinfection actions began to restart normal care in the center, with capacity for 350 patients and 246 in frequent hospitalization.

Fernández López, a first-degree specialist in Intensive Care Medicine and Emergencies, pointed out that the priorities now focus on the Maternal and Child Care Program, surgical activity, which in the current pandemic context focused on emergency interventions and maintains several patients in waiting for elective surgery; in addition, the hospital aims to continue its general care.

This Friday it will open most of the services and on Monday the center must be 100 percent operational, once around 150 people with acute respiratory infections were treated at this stage.

The Hemodialysis room of the Hospital de Puerto Padre, one of the reference services in the country, was the only one that maintained its assistance to the 24 patients who needed dialysis procedures there.

At this time, 30 pregnant women who received care in the healthcare unit in the north of Las Tunas are followed at the Doctor Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital, and will gradually return to the Villazulina facility, while the more than 10 patients from that area of ​​the province will remain in the provincial center until discharge.

Puerto Padre has, since the 80s of the last century, with this hospital facility built to improve the health status of the population of the north of the province and after the stability of Las Tunas in the days of Covid 19 it returns to its routine.

Author: Darletis Leyva González