Julio Antonio Mella Stadium is getting ready for the 60th National Baseball Series.

Vice President of the Defense Council debates with managers and workers about sports facilities

Las Tunas.- The vice president of the Defense Council in Las Tunas, Jaime Chiang Vega, arrived at the Julio Antonio Mella baseball stadium and at a working meeting noted the progress in the conditioning of various sports facilities in the province.

There it emerged that the Cuban Fund for Cultural Assets will carry out the remodeling of the stadium’s house clubs, where the emphasis will be on the comfort and modernization of the players’ rest and permanence venues. In addition, the stands will have as a novelty at first with 200 lunettes and then the 700 will be completed.

Everything related to the drainage works was also reviewed, an old desire that now comes true with the support of the Institute of Hydraulic Resources and a project that must be completed before the start of the 60 National Baseball Series.

On the other hand, Chiang Vega learned how he has been working at the Provincial Center for Sports Medicine, where the priorities are in waterproofing and the completion of sterilization, clinical and stomatology laboratories.

The director of the Las Tunas center, Aurora Bruquet, said that the objective is for the institution to become the best in Cuba.

“We are already seeing the transformations in the medical institution and each work that is undertaken will offer members of the sports movement better care. It is vital that the waterproofing is done, since the other actions depend on it to a great extent. The remodeling of the laboratories is already being concluded and if everything continues like this we will have one of the best centers in the country ”.

The progress in the remodeling of the Manuel Fajardo School of Teachers of Physical Education was also evaluated for the start of the school year in September.

The director of the center, María del Carmen Reyes Leyva, explained that the works are aimed at the placement of sinks and the new carpentry.

“Work is being done on the placement of 13 sinks and the carpentry of some classrooms. By September we will be ready and with a more luxurious school for our students”.

Similarly, work is proceeding to improve the Carlos Leyva EIDE, where the repair of the board of the gymnasium and the bathrooms of the residence is assumed, as well as the reconditioning of the kitchen-dining room and the construction of a new computer laboratory.

The Vice President of the Provincial Defense Council called the managers of the sport and of the different organisms from Las Tunas to work with seriousness and foresight.

“What you have to achieve is that you do everything that has been planned and be serious in this work. Now we must achieve improvements in sports facilities in Las Tunas for the good of sport, athletes and fans, “he said.

Author: Gretel Yanet Tamayo Velázquez

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