Las Tunas.- As part of the activities to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the Casa Iberoamericana de la Décima in Las Tunas, the Cucalambé and the Glosa Canto alrededor del punto contests were awarded, whose calls were delayed due to the incidence of Covid- 19.

In this edition, the notebook Pruebas de la inexistencia, by Herbert Toranzo Falcón, from Ciego de Ávila, deserved the award in the Cucalambé of tenth writing, which stood out among the 40 works with high literary rigor and diversity of themes.

The proposal stands out for its rhythm, thematic unity, freshness and ease, with a trip to the essence of the tenth and the beauty of the traditional text, as recorded in the minutes.

The jury also decided to award a Special Mention to the young man from Las Tunas Raúl Leyva Pupo, for Punta de lance, a text of philosophical depth with new ways of rediscovering essences.

During the day the Canto alrededor del punto Contest was also awarded, a pleasant moment for the locals, who won the most awards, starting with Armando López Carralero, unique Prize for Extraña condición.

First Mention was awarded to Miguel Mariano Piñero for Elegía inconclusa; Second Mention to Aleido Rodríguez Cabrera for Crónica de oficio, while the Collateral Prize awarded by the subsidiary of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation in Las Tunas went to Glosa de Esquilo, from Alexéi Ocaña from Cienfuegos.

The organizers of the event insisted on the haste with which the call was launched, in an atypical scenario and with the difficulties involved in the procedures and online exchanges to follow the protocols that support the quality of these competitions at the national level.

The careful work of the jury and the broad participation with quality works and a faithful reflection of the health of the tenth were equally highlighted, both in the more experienced generation and in the young people who approach the stanza with ease but with admirable respect.

Author: Yanetsy Palomares Pérez