Las Tunas. – The popular proverb says that “love enters through the kitchen”, so that in Cuba when we speak of a good ajiaco, congrí, tamale or roast pork; love becomes irresistible passion. Smells, flavors, textures, ingredients … history and tradition converge in that daily act that becomes a cultural event.

Yes, as you read it! Cuban Creole cuisine, declared Cultural Heritage of the nation, constitutes “part of the national identity and metaphor of what the Island represents as an ethnic conglomerate.”

An extensive and valuable variety of dishes characterizes this art in the archipelago; but without a doubt the roast pork occupies the place of preference, especially in the final days of the year. Outside national borders, this meat is less appreciated than beef and poultry; but in the Greater Antilles it raises real appetites.

Author: Naily Barrientos Matos