Las Tunas.- This month the Cucalambé literary workshop arrives at the 48th anniversary of its foundation, as one of the main educators of artists and writers in the province of Las Tunas.

A distant May 30, 1973, it was created under the aegis of the Provincial Center of Culture Houses (CPCC) with the aim of providing shelter to the literary vocation of the amateur artists movement in the territory.

«It was a project that did not take long to bear fruit, the seedbed of all the poets and writers who are today members of the artistic avant-garde, with the passing of the years it grew; in 1986 it was such a fertile spring that Tony Borrego, Lucy Maestre and other outstanding creators came from there.

«Specialists such as Mirtha Beatón, Gladis Anderson and Neysi Ávila also left their mark. There were two workshops that paid tribute to Cucalambé: Migajas de Luz by Maritza Batista at the University of Las Tunas and Guillermo Vidal, which still exists in the Provincial Committee of Uneac, ”Leonor Navarro López, methodologist at the CPCC, told Tiempo21.

Its founders include intellectuals of the stature of Carlos Tamayo, Antonio Gutiérrez, Adalberto Ponce de León, Eduardo Martín and Lesvia de la Fe Dotres, among others.

Currently the initiative is led by the young writer Yennier Aguilera, winner of the National Little Prince Prize for children’s fiction.

Virtual activities during the month of May will recognize the work of the project in all the institutional profiles of the sector in the province.

Author: Sheyla Arteaga Rodriguez