Las Tunas.- The Business Group of Commerce and Gastronomy in Las Tunas progressively inserts its activities into the Ordering Task, a process initiated in Cuba since January 1 of this year.

As of Decree Law 28 issued by the Council of Ministers, 28 facilities have been converted into independent Base Business Units (UEB) in the province. To the already existing ones, La Caldosa, El Taíno, El Colonial, Dos palmas and the pizzerias El Escudo and La Cadena are now added.

With this process of state improvement, the directors of the Base Business Units have the authority to prepare their offers and set prices, as well as to enter into contracts with different suppliers and providers.

Within the lines of work in this first stage, there is the updating of the service category, in order to provide higher quality care, autonomy and efficiency in this new form of institutional management.

This process will soon be extended to food processing centers and accommodation units and recreational activities such as the Las Palmeras theme park, in the capital city.

The process of state improvement in gastronomy requires a lot of preparation from managers and administrators.

In the current epidemiological context, most gastronomic establishments are offering take away food service, while lodging systems function as isolation centers for possible Covid-19 positive cases.

Author: Julián Velázquez