Las Tunas.- This Monday the immunization with the vaccine candidate Abdala began in the province of Las Tunas and, the intervention study, will reach more than 26 thousand people among health workers, medical science students and personnel immersed in the confrontation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The province received 27,250 vaccines, availability that allows it to assess the possibility of including those in risk areas, even if they are not from the health sector.

It is the first vaccination against the new coronavirus in this eastern Cuban territory and they designed 24 sites for health personnel to receive the biotechnological product with an application protocol that allows clinical surveillance after the delivery of the dose and avoids overcrowding.

A group of experts, made up of several specialists, accompanies the process in each of the sites, where the health status of the people is checked after vaccination.

Health personnel are optimistic about the intervention study that extends to the entire union in the country and is the prelude to vaccination in the population, scheduled for the second half of this year.

Author: Darletis Leyva González