In Las Tunas there are 660 people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), according to a recent evaluation by the Program for the Prevention and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI-HIV / AIDS), and only in the current year 60 new seropositives were diagnosed .

Mildre Pérez Ojeda, the head of the section of the STI-HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis Program in Las Tunas, specifies that they are concentrated in the province in the study of the viral load of patients, once the incidence of Covid decreases -19, and 96 percent of this population has antiretroviral therapy, while registering 83.3 percent of virological suppression, the highest aspiration of the program.

This last indicator will continue to increase gradually, emphasizes Dr. Pérez Ojeda, due to the continuous evaluation of new results.

«The behavior of the virus has been practically similar. It is the male sex, and in particular, men who have sex with other men, the most affected. Therefore, the work continues to focus on prevention in key populations: healthy people who are exposed to risk and the sick; treatment and control to achieve virological suppression, resulting in a decrease in community viral load and thus the elimination of HIV transmission ”.

After the most intense months of the Covid-19, a decentralization of the laboratory service and the tests to know the viral load was carried out, to which the patient will now be able to access the primary health care from their doctor’s office and the family nurse. In addition, the program won a specialist in Internal Medicine, in charge of monitoring the seropositive.

Very difficult days due to Covid 19. There is anxiety, what do you suggest to the sexually active population?

“People can maintain their behavior, what we must achieve, in terms of education and prevention, is that they protect themselves and use all possible means to achieve it.

“Our work is aimed at populations exposed to risk and among these groups we have men who have sex with other men, the so-called TRANS girls, of the male sex, and those who practice transactional sex. We try to eliminate stigma, prejudice and discrimination ”.

The deficit of condoms has marked this year 2021, How to avoid HIV if there are no means of protection?

«Sexual relations cannot be avoided, but it is prudent to lengthen the beginning of them. Avoid frequent partner changes. If there are risky behaviors, worry about having a condom.

“Through the family doctor and nurse, the serological examination is made possible, which is very important for the population to be performed once a year.”

This 2021 the motto of the activities of the HIV Response Day is “Put an end to inequalities, AIDS and pandemics” and in Las Tunas, eastern Cuba, after more than 30 years work is being done to achieve a response to favor of life.

Author: Darletis Leyva González