The prominent Cuban revolutionary, Julio Antonio Mella, had created such a visceral imprint on the island’s youth that even with his exile in other lands, Gerardo Machado did not feel safe.

On January 10, 1929, two shots fired in Mexico City, paid for by the dictator, extinguished the light of the tireless fighter against the injustices that were being committed against the Cuban people.

His life was taken from him when he was 25 years old, when he had so much to do, because his strength or momentum never wavered, because, as Fidel Castro said years later, he had done a lot in such a short time.

When the Machado dictatorship was overthrown in August 1933, the Pro Mella Committee was set up in Mexico at the beginning of September for the exhumation and transfer of his remains to Cuba. The ashes arrived in Cuba on September 27 and their arrival was accompanied by large demonstrations by the people.