Las Tunas.- The Las Tunas Dairy Products Company takes advantage of soy to generate assortments and maintain the presence of dairy products in the market, as an alternative to the deficit of fresh milk.

The Tunera industry prioritizes the production of soy yogurt and, linked to this legume, also creates soy milk, usually with a vanilla flavor and well accepted by the public.

Arael Martínez Teruel, director of the Dairy Products Company, explained that the decrease in the volumes of smoothies based on whey and pulps respond to the deficit of cornstarch and sugar.

Around 90 percent of the milk collected goes to the basic food basket, the only way to ensure the consumption of this food for children from zero to six years old, pregnant women, and those who suffer from chronic childhood diseases and medical diets.

Milk that, due to its acidity, is not suitable for consumption, is used to make cheese, while, with the whey generated by this processing, they make Miragurt, flavored whey and cottage cheese.

The Las Tunas Dairy Products Company prioritizes hiring with a view to future production orders and continues in its desire to increase the quality of its lines.