Las Tunas.- A computerized system for the management of drug orders made by consumption centers in this province is implemented in the Base Business Unit (UEB) Wholesaler and Distributor (Emcomed).

The obsolescence of the process that until now has been done manually -prone to human errors-, in Word documents, led to conceiving the project since 2021, explained Daniel Cortina Álvarez, B specialist in Computer Science at that entity.

In order to solve these and other problems, the UEB opted for science and technology, and requested the services of the Computer Applications Company (Desoft) in Las Tunas.

According to one of its specialists, Dayana Reyes Mora, the project includes a web system for managing orders and a portable desktop application for carrying them out.

The new system, with a platform in Emcomed, will avoid inconsistencies in the templates of the products to be requested and will provide greater security and data availability.

In addition, it will allow, automatically, to generate medication orders, as well as the reception of those requested by email from pharmacies and healthcare institutions, including hospitals, polyclinics and nursing homes.

with its application, clients will systematically have updated medication templates through direct communication. “Orders will have higher quality and agility,”.

In the first months of 2022, they hope to apply the computerized system to healthcare units and pharmacies, with the intention of extending it, little by little, to as many of their clients as possible, in the eight municipalities of the province of Las Tunas.