Las Tunas.- Each family is nourished by an imaginary, tries to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, pillars that support it in the daily attempt to improve and do well. In these 23 years, just completed on January 15, the company Teatro Tuyo has been able to remain faithful to the same ideal, the one that drinks from the greats, who put their hearts at the service of the public like a giant engine that kept the gears well lubricated of art for the generations that followed.

Jiri Vrastala as Ferdinando, Edwin Fernández as Trompoloco, Oleg Popov, Marcel Marceau and the giant Charles Chaplin make up the constellation that Ernesto Parra has followed as leader of Los Tuyos in these more than two decades to consolidate from Las Tunas the strong trunk of the clown.

So the tribute of those who know how to honor could not be missing, a complex representation from the communion of the audiovisual with the musicians and actors on stage: Clownsicos, another very serious game of those who do not know how to disappoint their audience, not even by mistake.

A function by invitations to penetrate their essences well, and two for the estimated one, Saturday and Sunday, brought applause and reverence to the Tuyo Theater Cultural Center. There, the complicity recalled emblematic scenes of the group’s leaders, demonstrating the connection with the viewer, the appropriation of body technique, mimicry, the drama of someone who is used to making people laugh, as a result of daily training and improvement.

At the close, the contagious emotion, the eyes that understand that the relay blooms like illuminated sunflowers from the children’s company, and that the greatest legacy and tribute is that hope and security in humanity every time the curtain closes.

With the musical direction of Ridel Meriño, accompanied by the instrumentalists Clarissa Pérez, Carlos Manuel Fernández, Carlos Enrique Díaz and the singer Eylen Rojas, the magic is completed, where the interpretations of Ernesto Parra, Aixa Proll, Alejandro Batista and Yuri Rojas.

The commemoration of this birthday also included the theoretical space Punto de Giro, with the presence of Miguel Ángel Amado González, who presented issue 201 of the Conjunto Magazine and presented a summary of his diploma work “The dramaturgy in the clown and the contributions of Teatro Tuyo”, with which he graduated as a theater specialist and received the National Research Award from the Higher Institute of Art.

At the end of the activity, he gave the Children’s Clown Company the diploma that endorses it as a Relevant Artistic Unit conferred by the National Center of Houses of Culture.

Moments of a celebration that, above all, entails greater commitment and the continuity of an ever-growing work of Teatro Tuyo, in that effort to continue together making a path.