Las Tunas.- The Telecommunications Company in Las Tunas at the end of 2021 faced an incident that could well have damaged its services on a considerable scale, were it not for the rapid and effective response of the group of firefighters in the territory and the entity’s technicians who worked day and night to restore the systems.

This incident, marked the year that just ended, but according to Dailián Ramírez, institutional communicator of the entity, the restoration of all the affected services to date has already concluded and again “we are in the lead if casualties interruptions is about.

“The complete change of the wiring that supports telecommunications services has already begun, so some services could be affected momentarily. This work will be carried out in 24-hour shifts for about 20 days in order to ensure the quality of all our services”.

Etecsa-Las Tunas managed to extend payment for services and products through Transfermóvil and from the comfort of home to all commercial offices, thanks to Enzona, others such as payment of the telephone bill, the recharging of own cards and permanent international navigation accounts. This progress has been in accordance with the current demands imposed by Covid-19.

After the commercialization in 2021 of more than 30 thousand mobile lines in Las Tunas, the total figures are around 280 thousand; Nauta Hogar increased to 11 thousand 161 thanks to the impulse of the two thousand 127 incorporations in this period, and it is worth noting that among the company’s strategies it has maintained that of extending alternative fixed telephony (TFA) to corners where there is no availability of networks, there are already 714 of these devices in sites with these characteristics.

Thanks to the work carried out by Etecsa workers in Las Tunas to date, 89.6 percent of the inhabitants of this eastern province have an internet access route.