Las Tunas.- Las Tunas closed the recent week with more than 1,500 positives for Covid-19 and its epidemiological outlook is of concern with transmission in its eight municipalities and 3,418 patients during the current January.

The Ómicron variant causes an incidence rate of the new coronavirus of more than 600 percent, compared to the number of inhabitants of the province, and a high risk level III.

Aldo Cortés González, the deputy director of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the eastern Cuban province, explained to Tiempo21 that the municipalities of Las Tunas, Majibacoa, Amancio and Colombia have the highest rates of patients and stressed the unstoppable rise in cases; as well as the impact of SARS-Cov-2 in extreme ages of life.

Cortés González highlighted that in the first week of January they registered an average of 95 patients per day; already in the second the cases were above 200 each day and in the current one they exceed 300.

Of the Covid-19 patients reported this calendar, 18.3 percent are under 18 years of age and three percent are less than a year old, while 16 percent are over 60.

In Las Tunas, the symptomatic patient prevails at the moment.

According to the expert, anti-Covid-19 vaccines help reduce complications, but they do not dismiss the fact that 41 percent of the total cases detected live with comorbidities.

It is necessary to take extreme measures to contain the virus in home admissions, because the greatest transmissions are reported within the home, the specialist specified, while urging the population not to neglect the so-called “new code of life.”

Among the strategies to confront the Ómicron variant, the populations of Las Tunas and Puerto Padre, the most affected in the previous wave, receive the booster dose and already more than 50 percent of the estimated number were given the immunogen.

Recently, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health updated the immunization protocol and reduced the waiting time to receive the booster dose from six to three months for those who achieved the full schedule and then fell ill with Covid-19.

International travelers with a complete schedule of any vaccine can also receive the new dose after three months.

Experts emphasize that Las Tunas may be at the beginning of its second pandemic peak, since forecasts describe a progressive increase in patients.