Las Tunas.- Willhem Veldhoven, Guillermo for his Cuban brothers, is a Dutchman who has been visiting Cuba regularly for 28 years; of this time he has already dedicated two decades to interacting with the people of Las Tunas. He is one of those friends who from other latitudes dedicate time and effort to the cause of the Antillean Island, from the Asociación Holanda Pro-Cuba, through which he has managed forceful donations for our country.

Precisely one of these shipments is on its way, and before its arrival, Guillermo wanted to meet some of its recipients. The first stop on his tour was at the Carlos Font Nursing Home in Las Tunas, where he learned first-hand how the Cuban Health System works and the prioritized care that older adults receive.

Guillermo doesn’t have anywhere near good Spanish, but there are very easy-to-understand words in his vocabulary: “block bad, bad”. Precisely towards the visibility of this phenomenon that impacts all spheres of life in Cuba, he has dedicated a good part of the last few years, something evident in his social networks.

His second stop of the day was at the El Cucalambé vocational art school. There he received a warm welcome from a representation of his student body who expressed so much gratitude through different manifestations of culture.

Guillermo recorded what his eyes saw with his phone camera, he didn’t want to miss a single detail. His bond with Cuba began almost 30 years ago, but was further strengthened at the time when he almost lost part of one of his lower limbs if it weren’t for the drug Heberprot-P, manufactured in Cuba to combat diabetic foot ulcers in the advanced.

Thanks to the management of this and other brothers of the European nation, headquarters of the international court of Justice, in a few days a shipment of medical supplies, essential for protection against Covid-19, valued at approximately one million dollars, will arrive in Cuba.