Las Tunas.-To achieve greater efficiency in postal operations, commercial, economic and financial management, and increase the quality of services and customer service, the Cuban Post Office in the province of Las Tunas, analyzed its work during the 2022 calendar.

In the annual balance of the entity, it was known that its income grew by 20 percent compared to the year 2021.

Pablo Julio Pla Feria, president of the Cuban Post Office Business Group, warned about the need to train workers according to the services they provide and achieve greater business autonomy, which is accompanied by important processes such as innovation and digital transformation.

“They must now implement payments through the QR code, which will benefit both the company and the customers. It is important to look for new service opportunities for both natural and legal persons, based on the transformations that the Cuban economy has and the appearance of new economic actors.

The manager explained that they are looking for alliances with the banking system to deliver the cards requested by customers in banks at home.

Although the number of deliveries of national packages decreased during the stage analyzed, the growth in international packages and official mail stands out in the report.

The alliances with the Tiendas Caribe chain, through home deliveries of virtual purchases, reported more than 400 thousand pesos to the Company’s income during the period analyzed.

Likewise, the linkage with polygraphs in the country allowed the sale of some school materials, which was another source of income for the Cuban Post Office.

Author: Claudia Pérez Navarro