Las Tunas.-After a year and a half of its implementation, the Molecular Biology Laboratory in the province of Las Tunas maintains a recognized work, guaranteed by more than 95 percent effectiveness in the controls carried out by the Institute of Tropical Medicine Peter Kouri.

With the capacity to process up to 500 samples, the institution today maintains diagnostic processing for the detection of cases of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus

Regarding the reduction in the samples that are processed, the high rigor in the laboratory’s biosafety standards and the professional competence of the group are maintained, it is also due to the work with a microorganism that is level three , from the point of view of how it is classified for biosafety, and with an easy form of transmission.

The staff is highly qualified, trained and with constant improvement in the area of biosafety, in PCR techniques in all their biochemical foundation and in applications to new determinations in order to project the laboratory to a higher state.

This modern premises, inaugurated in April 2021, is part of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, a group that as part of the research contributes to the studies that biomolecular technology allows.

Author: Yami Montoya