Las Tunas.- The professionals of the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Las Tunas, as in the whole country, have the challenge of working with greater objectivity in the application of the Family Code, the deepening of criminal proceedings and the careful attention to citizens .

The debate focused on the complex scenario that impacts the Cuban economy, the entry into force of new legal norms appropriate to the current Cuban context, and the confrontation with the subversive actions of the enemy, all of which requires optimal work from the prosecutors. in each of the processes they face.

The report recognizes that the criminal proceedings achieved a higher quality in the control of the investigation, the imposition of the precautionary measure of provisional detention was reserved for cases of greater social harm, and the effectiveness of the accusation reached 95 percent and pending legal procedures decreased and follow-up was systematic.

It was also recognized that action to protect victims should be increased and progress was made in the quality of intervention in civil and family matters, and 97 percent of judicial acts were evaluated as good.

The Las Tunas Provincial Prosecutor’s Office is committed to the preservation of justice among citizens, for which it works with the objective of rectifying errors and increasing efficiency in each of the processes they face.

Author: Miguel Díaz Nápoles