Las Tunas.- As part of the economic and social recovery strategy until the year 2030, the Acinox Las Tunas Company has as a fundamental challenge to increase the professional level of workers to ensure in the short and medium term a qualitative and quantitative leap in the production of steels.

These projections are based on obtaining special alloy and carbon steels, with a view to satisfying all the needs of the national market. It would be from the tail, a mineral that is in deposit in Moa and Nicaro, without any use at the moment and a good source of supply of raw material.

Cuban metallurgy is taking its course and, in this regard, Acinox Las Tunas is a pillar due to the potential of human capital and its training, which will be strengthened with master’s degrees and doctors, in addition to training young people as engineers mid-level graduates.

Among the aspirations of the workers in the Las Tunas industry is also the possibility of producing wire rod to boost the national economy and, according to the studies carried out and the market search, it is expected that it will become a reality approximately in the year 2028.

Author: Yenima Díaz Velázquez