Las Tunas.- In the activity of various crops, harvesting and certifying quality seeds are important challenges for the Base Business Unit of the Seed Production and Marketing Company in the province of Las Tunas.

When a severe drought affects the territory of Las Tunas and there is a lack of fertilizers, pesticides and other resources for a greater vitality of the plantations.

So, for planting to be successful, quality seedlings are required and, for these seedlings to grow with the established parameters, the determining factor is the seed, be it agamic, botanical or biotechnological.

The use of certified seeds increases by about 43 thousand hectares.

In addition, during this period the multiplication of seeds of all lines increased by five percent, except beans.

In the case of vitroplants, 369,000 units were produced, especially five varieties of plantains with genetic and physical characteristics that allow them to adapt to all soils and better resist pests and diseases.

In the territory of Las Tunas, producers have acquired a wide culture in the attention to crops and request certified seeds to guarantee greater germination and more resistance to drought conditions, among other benefits.

Author: Yenima Díaz Velázquez