Las Tunas-. With the work, which is advancing smoothly and has secured its resources, a problem that has been going on for years, causing repeated obstructions to the sewerage networks in one of the most populated neighborhoods of the provincial capital, will be resolved.

When informing Tiempo21 Danieski Ruíz Gómez director of Investments in the Delegation of Hydraulic Resources, he specified that the benefit of it will reach around 3 thousand 600 inhabitants with a notable improvement in the service.

“The work implies the replacement, in the first stage, of around 450 meters of the collector, practically collapsed due to the volume of solid waste, earth and other matter inside.

“From now on, other sections of different diameters will be changed and the connection junctions to the houses will be installed, giving use value to the work carried out by a work force belonging to the Construction and Assembly Company of the Ministry of Construction.

“In the municipality of Las Tunas, an oxidation lagoon is already in the completion phase to evacuate liquid waste from the Voluntad Tunas housing complex, which is being built to the east of the provincial capital.”

“The work is now concentrated on digging trenches with a large machine in a section with very hard rock, supported by technical and human forces from other provinces to then continue laying pipes.”

It signified the importance of this investment for all the communities en route near the highway to the beach, which have suffered for many years due to water shortages, while the service in tank cars will be eliminated, allowing considerable savings by avoiding the use of fuel. , tires, batteries and other resources.

Author: Esnilda Romero Manas