Las Tunas.-The Cinemazul Film Appreciation Festival develops its municipal edition from March 22 to 24 simultaneously throughout the province, except the municipality of Jobabo due to the infrastructural conditions of the facility.

The event is dedicated to the 64th anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Cinema and Film Industry Icaic and to Latin American cinema, with the participation of around five film club members in each territory.

Yamilka Díaz Ayala, Head of the Technical Department of the Provincial Cinema Directorate in Las Tunas, states that among the feature films chosen, Cuban filmography stands out, with films such as Los dioses rotos and Insumisas.

Film criticism and research will also be presented, which delve into specific aspects of the seventh art, an attraction that adds to the competition for the Ola Award, the Festival’s highest award.

The Cinemazul Film Appreciation Festival at the provincial level will take place in the month of October within the framework of the Day of Cuban Culture.

Author: Yanetsy Palomares Pérez