Installation process of solar panels in the pumping station of the rural community El Cruce de San Joaquín in Majibacoa. (PHOTO/Taken from the facebook profile of the Las Tunas Provincial Delegation of Hydraulic Resources)

Las Tunas.-The inhabitants of the rural community Cruce de San Joaquín in Majibacoa are the first inhabitants of the province of Las Tunas to benefit from the water delivery service from a pumping station that works with solar energy, starting this March 22.

In addition to the panels, a new electric pump, the controller and other accessories were installed there that offer a complete guarantee for the delivery of the liquid for some 300 inhabitants, informed Marcos Antonio Sánchez Pérez, a specialist in saving and rational use of energy at the Provincial Aqueduct Company and Sewerage.

A total of 156 pumping stations are expected to start operating with energy obtained from solar panels

A considerable saving of resources such as fossil fuel is reported to the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company, the second largest consumer of electrical energy in the province, which is mainly used to pump water.

95 percent of the energy matrix in our country depends on fossil fuels. Hence the importance of promoting projects for the change towards renewable energy sources through strategies that guarantee a safe and rational transition in the use of resources and environmental preservation..

Author: Esnilda Romero Mañas