Las Tunas.- The normal development of the sugar campaign has been affected in recent days, by the rains that have occurred in sugarcane areas and throughout the province.

The Majibacoa mill had accumulated three days without grinding, due to the level of humidity in the fields, which makes it impossible for the mechanical harvesters to perform well.

This mill is the most efficient of the two active in the territory in the campaign, since the colossus Antonio Guiteras of Puerto Padre, has been grinding intermittently, for various reasons, including difficulties with the water supply, the lack of cane, of fuel and even breaks in the industry.

While the climate improves, since it has rained the most in the Majibacoa cutting areas and has the lowest areas, it is used to make repairs and get the machinery ready, to maintain the manufacturing efficiency parameters obtained in the stage, with higher yields to those achieved by other sugar mills in the country.

Author: Yaimara Cruz Garcia