Moments in which the governor of Las Tunas, Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, exercises his right to vote. (Photo by the author).

Las Tunas.- For the governor of Las Tunas, Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, the fact that the people of this province have been involved in the electoral process from the very beginning is a sign of support for their Revolution, which today has its culminating point in its vote for the country.

Chiang Vega also highlighted the greater role of the candidates for deputies with the places for which they were nominated, with meetings for more than eight weeks consecutively, in which they dialogued with the people, students and workers.

He praised the popular wisdom in defense of his Revolution, the opportunity to once again express support for the country through the ballot box, and above all the frank approach of the people of Las Tunas not only in their concerns, but also the suggestions of possible solutions to problems and difficulties, to improve the materialization of the Cuban project in all fields of human knowledge.

The Governor of Las Tunas considered this day 26 as an important and decisive moment in which more than 389 thousand voters from the province go to the polls to exercise their right to vote and show their support for the country.

Author: Miguel Díaz Nápoles