Las Tunas.-Simultaneously, the Cinemazul Film Appreciation Festival was held in the eight municipalities of the Las Tunas province, as every year, with the intention of highlighting the role of the spectator in the seventh art. The Ola Award from the main municipality went to the film by Yury García Fatela, Sergio and Serguei; according to the jury for excellence in the selection of a film that fosters a broad debate and analysis of the technical and symbolic elements present in it, with a critical and profound vision. Ania Cruz Domínguez, a specialist from the Technical Department of the Provincial Film Directorate in the territory, told Tiempo21 the importance of synchronizing the event in all municipalities. In the same way, representing these different territories, they were chosen to be part of the provincial event that will take place next October.

Author: Sheyla Arteaga Rodriguez