Las Tunas.- Nearly twenty micro, small and medium-sized companies from Las Tunas were represented in the round of opportunities and business convened here by the Light Industry Trading, Importing and Exporting Company (Encomil).

The meeting´s main objective is the productive chain between the state and non-state sectors, in order to increase the portfolio of suppliers, domestic trade and exports.

Among the services offered by Encomil-Las Tunas, the interest of the new economic actors was captured by the leasing of warehouses with protection and logistics, and the habilitation of transportation lines.

Meanwhile, the entity learned about the potential of micro, small and medium-sized companies linked to the production of food, furniture and services, including design, construction and assembly.

Incorporating competitive offers and socializing them through the virtual sales platform and other electronic commerce channels are benefits that led to the signing of several letters of intent.

Encomil-Las Tunas advances in retail trade and logistics operations with state companies and new economic businessmen. Thus, together they open a path to make more profitable and contribute to the economic development of the province and the nation.

Author: Julian Velázquez