Las Tunas.- Although the lack of water is a real problem, in the province of Las Tunas the existing spaces could be better used to increase the breeding of freshwater fish and consequently, the availability of food for the population.

Directors of the Fishing Company, Pescatún, reported that investments continue in the Gramal dam for the production of baby fishes and that they have toured the eight municipalities to identify possible development areas.

They explained that the territory could capture three thousand one hundred tons in the year 2030; but, that implies the fertilization of the reservoirs with organic residues and other products.

It is necessary to promote science and innovation and added that within the companies of the Las Tunas territory, solutions can be found to the critical situation of fishing gear and the production of feed with their own resources.

Governor Jaime Chiang Vega said that aquaculture generates more protein in less time and it is imperative to strengthen the popular movement.

Author: Yenima Díaz Velázquez