Las Tunas.- Taking advantage of local resources for the production of animal feed in the face of the difficult climatic conditions of the territory and the lack of inputs motivates the Jobipienso collective, belonging to the Las Tunas Integral Agricultural Company.

Located in the municipality of Jobabo, the small artisan factory produces flour from protein plants based on grasses and varieties such as tictonia, moringa, canavalia, sugar cane, among others, which, once ground and dried, are mixed in adequate proportions.

The entity’s technician, Nolber Martínez Gamboa, told Tiempo21 that, in addition to Creole feed, they produce industrial feed when they receive imported raw materials.

He added that in this period they are basically making protein flour, which is offered to all the productive bases of the territory and to the Integral Company of Holguín.

Cattle ranching in Las Tunas is fundamentally based on grazing, but the long periods of drought and economic difficulties have forced the search for sustainable and effective alternatives to guarantee the growth and fattening of cattle.

The species used are cultivated in two farms attached to the industry with 20 hectares each, in which the stability of the production of this food is guaranteed.