Las Tunas.- The soils of the eight municipalities of Las Tunas received the best of gifts in the last few hours: rain; that blessing of nature that is so necessary for the development of various crops and livestock.

There was no intense rainfall; but, they reached all the municipalities as a relief to the tense situation that has been going on for a long time. It is enough to remember that drought is a systematic phenomenon in Las Tunas and that it dates back many years.

Precisely the province ended the wet period with low water levels in its reservoirs and its systematic use, plus the effect of evaporation, have significantly reduced the reserves of this important liquid.

That is why the rain these days is welcome and because the spring sowing campaign will have a boost, at least in the areas that could be plowed and whose tenants will take advantage of the soil moisture.

They also bring benefits to already established plantations, especially perennial crops such as fruit trees, or long-term crops, such as bananas and cassava.

We will have to wait for what the rainy season from May to October brings us. For now, take advantage of the humidity, sow and enjoy that natural gift.

Author: Yenima Díaz Velázquez